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RI Schools Recycling Club Awards Ceremony

PROVIDENCE, RI (November, 2004)

On Monday, November 15, 2004, an awards ceremony was held in honor of America Recycles Day. Seven of the top schools and one town from across the state were recognized for their dedication to recycling.

Exeter-West Greenwich High School

Exeter - West Greenwich High School

Despite the lack of funding for recycling, the high school implemented a plan along with the help of Blackstone Valley ARC, and even extended its support to the middle school. Both Jason Gagnon and Anita Iannuccilli were key in developing the program within the high school, then expanding it to the middle school.

Hugh B. Bain

Hugh B. Bain (Cranston)

Hugh B. Bain Middle School has very distinctive methods of reaching their students with the important message of recycling. First, students collect a variety of trash and bury it. They then dig up the trash at various points throughout the year to see first hand the different decomposition rates.

Chester Barrows Elementary

Chester Barrows Elementary (Cranston)

Chester Barrows Elementary has young students collect recyclable material from around the school, working with teachers and the custodial crew to keep trash separated and make sure recyclable trash is placed in appropriate spots.

Graniteville Elementary

Graniteville Elementary (Johnston)

Graniteville had previously done poorly on a review of their recycling program. In an effort to improve, the school created an entire fifth grade curriculum around recycling. This has helped the students see the importance of recycling and has cut down on school waste. The fifth grade class also volunteers to work with custodial crews to ensure that recycling is taking place.

Pilgrim High School

Pilgrim High School (Warwick)

Pilgrim High School uses the recycling program to help students with special needs learn responsibility through actively participating in the recycling process. Students collect recyclables daily and fill the totes; they work closely with the maintenance/custodian crew to assure that the process is efficient.

Rhodes School

Rhodes School (Warwick)

Rhodes School is in its sixth year of recycling. Custodian, Jim DuBois, started the recycling program at the school. He has student helpers from the sixth grade who help him transport loose paper from the classrooms to the recycling totes.

Burrillville Middle School

Burrillville Middle School

Burrillville Middle school recycles almost everything they can get their hands on, including paper, cardboard, cans, newspapers, and bottles. They even have a custodian that goes around to each school in the town to collect milk cartons so they too can be recycled

Leadership Award - Town of Smithfield

Leadership Award - Town of Smithfield

As a whole, the town of Smithfield is dedicated to recycling. The "Aqua" team at Vincent J. Gallagher Middle School has a portion of the science curriculum based on recycling. Each year, the team takes ownership of the recycling program and collects recyclables throughout the school. At the Anna McCabe Elementary School, students are taught the importance of recycling at a young age. With the help of a dedicated custodial staff, every classroom contains a green recycling bin for paper and a blue bin to collect aluminum cans.

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